Sheila Reindl & Abigail Lipson

We thought that College Composition and Communication (CCC) would be a great place for our essay on the subject of plagiarism.  Then we received their rejection letter, letting us know that all three readers and the editor independently and unanimously rejected it.  They went on to offer numerous reasons for their rejection, and were unstinting in their enthusiasm that the article had no business being published by CCC. (Fortunately, the whole of their letter won’t fit onto one page here, so you are spared from reading their many criticisms!)

Their comments certainly stung.  But when we could bring ourselves to read the letter over again, we realized that at the end they made a very important comment – they didn’t actually hate the article.  They thought it was a poor match for their specialized readership and suggested we try a publication with a more general audience in higher education.

And, in fact, they were absolutely right!  This essay really didn’t belong in CCC.  The article was subsequently published in About Campus, a much better venue for it.  So the CCC rejection actually helped this article find it’s best audience.

Abigail Lipson/Sheila Reindl rejection letter