Reflections on Rejections

  • A quote by Dr. Paul Barreira: ""After graduating from college, I applied to medical schools. I was waitlisted at every school..."
  • A quote by Professor Xiao-Li Meng: "I had this paper that took me 10 years to publish. It was rejected by almost every major statistical journal..."
  • A quote by Professor Howard Gardner: "I would estimate that I've received at least 100 grant rejections, mostly form letters..."
  • A quote by Professor Jonathan Walton: "The first time I applied to a job at Harvard, one of my close friends was selected over me..."
  • A quote by Tamara Rogers: "I felt as though I let [my professor] down, I'd let myself down, and I probably would be turned out of the College..."

Reflections on Rejections is a collection of video and text reflections about rejection from Harvard University deans, faculty, students, and alums, as well as several of their actual rejection letters that some of them received. The letters are kind, cruel, or just form letters, but all Reflections on Rejections contributors were courageous enough to share their letters and their insights. More about Reflections on Rejections...