Ghazi Kaddouh

I dropped out of college in my third year after failing two classes.  I was twenty years old at the time.

During my time in the “wilderness,” I became a flight attendant, a teacher, and a maitre d’.  But quitting my education had left a burning hole in my heart, which motivated me to get back to school.  When I decided to go back to school seventeen years later, I went back with a vengeance.

In my new country, the U.S. provided the unique opportunity that encouraged adult education.  I became the best student I could be; graduated valedictorian from junior college, graduated with the highest honors from U.C. Berkeley, and ended up getting a doctorate.  I now live the life of a successful and a very content person.

If not for that experience many years ago, I might not have been as motivated as I have been to achieve what I have achieved.