The mission of the Success-Failure Project is to create opportunities for discussion, reflection, understanding, and creative engagement regarding issues of success and failure. 

Student Questions

Students asked these questions of professors and each other in a series of Desserts and Dialogues sponsored in partnership with the Harvard Foundation. Click to see more questions.

What would it look like to succeed at a place like Harvard – both academically and personally? What kind of success do we reward?
What do you do when you’ve given something your all and still fail…?
In today’s highly materialist and competitive culture (especially at Harvard) how do you balance doing something you love with something that matters/makes a difference and what is financially lucrative?
Once success is achieved, it often seems like the goal posts are quickly moved… How can I combat this treadmill where one success only serves as the gateway to another expected success?

Resources from the Bureau of Study Counsel website

Eligibility: Students in Harvard College, GSAS, HKS, and GSE.